Thursday, 12 May 2011

Not an expert, but passionate about vegetables!

Hi there everyone. My name is Jane Dubinski and I have been asked by the very nice people at Town and Country to take part in writing their blog.

As you can see from the title, I am no expert, just a normal person who started growing vegetables to encourage my (then) smaller boys to eat their greens and it seems to have become a bit of an obsession from there! I live in beautiful North Norfolk, having moved from London nearly six years ago and this gives me the space and the opportunity to get growing, but what a season it has been so far!

I am lucky enough to have a greenhouse and raised vegetable beds, which I use for a variety of produce, so I can start things off under glass. I also have an ancient propagator that belonged to my father, but it does the job for veggies such as chillies, cucumbers and courgettes or anything that needs to be started off in a warm environment.

Whilst it has not always been warm in the last few weeks, it has certainly been dry here in East Anglia and this is having a huge impact on tender new plants as they struggle to establish themselves. I have planted carrots, several times now as they haven’t germinated and pots need to be watered twice a day to keep them thriving - the prospect of a hose pipe ban will not be welcome in my household but I wouldn’t be surprised if this happens should the dry weather continue.

Here are some pictures of the garden which should give you an idea of the vegetable plot and I look forward to going into more details next month as the growing season really takes hold. June always heralds the beginning of planting out big style so there will be plenty to do and plenty to talk about.

Until then, however, happy gardening,

Jane x

-- Jane Dubinski

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