Thursday, 26 May 2011

Planting out the tomatoes

So this week we will be planting out our three tomato plants that the girls and I have been growing on the windowsill in the kitchen for about a month now. The girls had a pot each and a few seeds and enjoyed planting them and have been anxious to see them grow. I always grow veg from seed inside first to stop them getting eaten by snails and such before they grow into a decent size plant.

Over the last four weeks they have been watered every morning and turned occasionally so they grow straight up not all on one side. They now are starting to invade my kitchen so its about time they went outside into our raised bed.

1. Dig a round hole with a trowel about an inch deeper than the roots to make sure the roots can spread nicely, if the plant sits above the soil line the plant tends to die and we dont want that!

2. Carefully remove the soil from the pot by squeezing it gently all the way round the pot to create a small gap around the soil and the pot and it should smoothly slide out of the pot.

3. Gently drop the plant into the hole you have just dug out and push the soil all around it, then compress gently on top to make sure its securely in place.

4. Now push in a garden cane as centrally as you can into the soil as deep as it with go and secure with some twine. This will help the plant to grow tall and strong and move up as the plant gets bigger. once you tomatoes begin to grow they will weight the plant down so you need to make sure they are secured well.

5. Now water gently and admire your handy work.

Keep checking on your new planted out tomato plants to ensure you are not being attacked by snails. If however they are then place a circle of salt around but not on the plants to protect from attack.

-- Liz Longworth

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