Tuesday, 31 May 2011

There’s still time to get those veggies growing!

People know I love veg growing and are always asking my advice – at the moment a popular question is, “Is it too late in the year to start growing?”
My answer is no, absolutely not – get out there and stick some seeds in! Great easy crops to be starting now range from beans and peas, carrots and beetroot to salad leaves, radishes and spring onions.

Peas and beans will need some tall supports and a little room. Carrots and beetroot seed will need some relatively fine soil and a little strategic thinning of the seedlings once they start growing, but I generally use salad leaves, radishes and spring onions as my “sow it in every space available” crops. So I’ll sow little and often in any gaps between other crops, around my tomato pots, between my rows of peas and beans – everywhere! Why not have a go – there’s nothing better than marveling at how your little seeds grow into edible delights so quickly!

And talking of edible delights, our baby sparrow visitors seem to be entranced by all my different salad leaf varieties this year, showing their appreciation by nibbling away – leaving little pinking shear marks! I guess that’s another good reason to grow as much veg as you can, as you always have to share a little with your garden wildlife ;)

More on what I’ll be up to this month at http://www.hollyrowanhesson.co.uk/

-- Holly Rowan Hesson

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