Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Good Gluts!

This month people have been asking me about gluts – lots of sun and rain has meant crops are growing away very nicely indeed!

Well my answer is not to worry about gluts (when you have too much of one crop ready at any one time). I always over-sow my veg and yet gluts are never a problem. A little creative thought is all that’s needed – can my crop be blanched and frozen? Is this a great opportunity to look up a few new recipes? And then of course, friends, neighbours and colleagues all love to receive something fresh from your garden!

So don’t be afraid of gluts but some tips to remember at this time of year – some crops don’t eat well if they’re left for too long in the ground – so keep an eye on using up your radishes and salad crops before they run to seed (start flowering) or they get a little woody or bitter respectively. And if all else fails and a little of something does start to flower early thus rendering it unedible – your feathered friends and those all round good guys, your garden bee visitors will enjoy it!

-- Holly Rowan Hesson

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