Wednesday, 22 June 2011


It's that lovely time of year when the fruit plants and bushes start to produce some fruit, so todays post is about strawberries.

We grow a few patches of them every year as the girls LOVE them, especially in jelly. Homegrown ones taste amazing compared to the shop bought forced-grown strawberries. I usually start them off on the windowsill early in the year from seed, but this year the plants from last year came back with a vengeance and are currently growing some monsterous strawberries!

If you have a busy patch like mine you may not be able to recognise your strawberry plants..The leaves look like this when they are still small and are not ready to produce fruit.
The leaves grow to an enormous size...

...and you wont be able to miss them!

This plant has produced a lovely bunch of strawberries that are just starting to go red, but with the heavy rain we keep getting I'm worried they will rot as they are lay on the soil. Here's a quick tip for all you strawberry growers- pop a little mound of sawdust- or straw!- underneath the fruit to protect them from the soil, dampness and pests. They will be happy and will continue to thrive.

I'm looking forward to trying ours this year.. I hope you are too!

-- Liz Longworth

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