Thursday, 29 September 2011

Fruity Autumn

This month people have been asking me about growing fruit. I've been rather pleased with my soft fruit growing efforts which have been providing breakfast treats and desserts over the summer. The blueberry bushes are still heaving under the weight of the crop and the raspberry bushes are delivering up juicy gorgeousness daily. The strawberries ripen much earlier in the season so we've consumed all of this year's crop already and they were delicious!

We generally call ourselves veg gardeners, but it would be a shame to miss out on fruity delights, so here are my top quick tips and tricks for soft fruit growing. Firstly beware critters after your crop! I grow all my fruit in pots and raised troughs - making it more tricky for snugs and snails to enter the fray. Secondly I cover all my fruit carefully with nets to stop all our hungry birdies demolishing the crop before we get to it! I also do a little research on prefered soils - for example blueberries need erichaceous soil - another good reason for growing them in big pots. Fruit crops need feeding and careful attention to watering when they are fruiting, so it pays to be vigilant on that front. Finally fruit bushes need pruning - and this differs according to which type of bushes you have, so again a little research pays off here.

With a little care and attention you'll be enjoying juicy berries in no time!

-- Holly Rowan Hesson

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