Wednesday, 14 September 2011

September Garden Round-up

There’s a lot to do this month in the garden. Take cuttings of your favourite plants and share and swap with friends. It is time to cut hedges. If you do this now for conifer hedges, hornbeam and beech, yew and leylandii, you won’t need to do it again this year.

This month is time for sowing hardy annuals in the garden where they will germinate and overwinter as small plants that will bloom next year. Annual sown in the Autumn are always stronger and flower better than those in spring.  Order your bulbs this month. Enjoy an evening looking through the catalogues and get your order in.

Summer flowering heathers are at their peak now and you can take cuttings. Take small, unflowering sideshoots and trim to 3-4cm long and put them in a gritty compost.

Prune ornamental or fruiting cherries and plums that are getting out of hand.

If you have picked all your summer raspberries, then you can cut down the fruited canes now. Collect herbs so that you have a supply in the winter. Dry herbs in bunches, chop them and mix them with butter and freeze them or pack them into ice cube trays with water and add an ice cube to winter soups. Collect seeds on dry days to avoid them going mouldy. Collects seeds from poppies, columbines and fox gloves.

This month is the time to start preparing your gifts for Christmas. If you plant your hyacinth, narcissi and amaryllis bulbs they will flower in December and make great looking gifts. If you time it right they will just start to open up and begin releasing their fragrant perfume in time for Christmas day. Don’t forget your dead heading and weeding duties this month too!

-- Rob Amey

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