Thursday, 13 October 2011

Garden Round Up for October

Now that the days are starting to draw in, it is time to remove the greenhouse shading so the plants inside get as much sunlight as possible – just do this by rubbing with a cloth. This is especially important for your winter plants – cinerarias, cyclamen and tender bulbs.

October is the month to plant parsley . It is a biennial and will provide fresh leaves through the winter and reach their peak in the spring. Parsley likes moist rich ground and you can easily pop a few plants among your flower beds.

This month is the time to pot up all your winter pots for colour. Use evergreen grasses and carex, euonymus, hebes, ivies, lamiums and colourful pansies and spring bulbs. October is a good month to get your pots sorted so that they have enough time to establish before it gets really cold. Use a standard multi-purpose compost.

This month is the month to complete all your weeding and tackle any that caused you problems during the summer. Tidy up everywhere. You will need somewhere to put your old bedding plants so empty the compost heaps and spread the compost as a mulch. Any material that is not fully decomposed can be put back into the heap with the new material.

If you haven’t already, give privet hedges a final cut for the year. It will be May before you need to do this again.

This is a good time of year to take leaf cuttings of begonias. Cut off a mature healthy leaf, trim the stem to about 2cm and place this so the leaf lies flat on the surface of some gritty compost. Within a month or so, you’ll have roots appearing and then leaves. When these are large enough, separate the small plants which will have their own roots and pot separately.

-- Rob Amey

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