Thursday, 24 November 2011


This month I'm being asked what on earth can still be growing in my garden as the weather gets colder. Well, actually, truth be told is that even though I'm going to tell you about brassicas, the weather has been so unseasonably mild that I've still got all sorts on the go that was unthinkable this time last year - when we were already covered in, dare I say it, snow!

Brassicas - your broccolis, kales, cauliflowers, sprouts, cabbages etc are just brilliant! Brassicas need a bit of a head start, I usually sow mine into separate modules or small pots, and transplant them into their final growing positions when they have a couple of true leaves. They need firming in well - and here's the thing - I cover all mine with netting. If you'd like to actually eat your greens as oppose to have them devoured on your behalf by caterpillars, I strongly suggest you cover them from first off with netting so butterflies can't get at them!

So the joy at this time of year is twofold - firstly you can remove the nets as the butterfly threat is over and secondly and more importantly - you can start eating the fruits of your labour whilst still being able to munch your way through these hardy veggies all through winter if you plan your planting well! Brilliant brassicas!

-- Holly Rowan Hesson

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