Thursday, 1 December 2011

Citrus Peel Birdfeeder Tutorial

As the weather is getting colder, birds are finding it harder to find food (especially when it starts snowing!). A great way to feed them is to re-use orange or grapefruit peel and use it as a bird feeder!

You Will Need:
An orange or grapefruit
A thick needle
String or garden twine
Bird seed

Simple cut the orange or grapefruit in half, and scoop out the flesh until you are only left with the shell of the fruit.

Cut 2 x 30cm lengths of string and thread the string onto your needle. Poke the needle through one side of the orange and bring it through the opposite side . Do the same with the second length of string on the other side of the orange (making a cross).

Pull the string on all sides equally and tie a knot at the top. Fill with bird seed and hang outside.

-- Gemma Dray

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