Thursday, 16 February 2012

In the age of austerity, dig for victory and grow your own food

Gardening doesn't have to be a chore, it can also be a rewarding past time, fitting right in with the "Make Do and Mend" resurgence of late....
  1. Choose a fine day to get yourself sorted for the year ahead and consider what you’d like to do in 2012. You could take a trip to the library to browse through some books.
  2. Have a blitz in your garden, sorting out pots, tools and odd jobs in readiness for the Spring.
  3. Jot down a planting plan and check your seed stash.
  4. Draw up scale plan to create your own kitchen garden.
  5. Plan and enjoy colour in your garden. Colourful containers can be both for decorative and eating purposes. Colourful lettuce leaves look great and will keep you stocked up with fresh salad. Peas, beetroot, chard, courgettes, onions and carrots can all be grown on your patio. A packet of spring onion seeds costing 99p can provide up to £30 worth of produce.
  6. Start a mini orchard. No longer do you have to have a huge amount of land to grow fruit with the development of cordon trees. They don’t grow more than 2m and can be grown in pots.
  7. Make raised beds and save your back. You can buy these in kit form or make your own and they look great.
  8. Make your own herb garden. They taste good, smell good and are good for you. Choose a sunny spot for your herbs and ensure you use containers with good drainage.
  9. Peanuts and sunflowers are great to attract garden birds. You can also leave them your left-over cooked potatoes, rice, pasta and cake crumbs. Remember feeding birds bread is a no-no. It fills them up without giving them energy.
  10. Consider the front of your house. A colourful spring flower basket or containers can make all the difference.
-- Rob Amey

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