Thursday, 30 August 2012

Good Garden-keeping

Here’s some general good habits for gardeners to keep...

1. Keep all your tools clean and in good condition. Rub sandpaper over rusty tools to clear the rust away.

2. Store your garden equipment in a dry shed. Hang on walls if possible to keep off damp floors.

3. Keep your electrical equipment indoors.

4. Keep shears sharpened.

5. Always wash flower pots before and after use.

6. See a weed, remove it directly!

7. Always keep deadheading to keep flowers going for longer.

8. Always do planting in the morning or evening, never in the heat of the day.

9. Always keep your eye out for pests and deal with them straight away.

10. Always stake fruit trees and plants well so that the wind doesn’t take them away.

11. Keep your soil well hoed and weed free.

12. Keep your greenhouse glass clean in the winter.

13. Pick off suckers directly they appear.

14. Water cacti and greenhouse plants around the sides of the pots and never over them.

15. For tubs, pots and flower baskets, push your finger an inch or two into the soil to be sure there is adequate moisture below throughout the root area.

16. Protect plants especially tender ones from sustained cold and frost.

17. Keep paths and driveways clean to keep them free of mosses and lichens.

18. Pick fruit and vegetables as soon as they are ripe – they need to be eaten when they are at their best.

19. Harvest vegetables as soon as they are ready for maximum flavour.

20. To care for your houseplants, clean dust from the leaves with a damp cloth, control pests, deadhead as necessary, water as required. Keep away from heat.

-- Rob Amey

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